Land & Lot Clearing

  • Right of Way Clearing
  • Brush Clearing & Mowing
  • Dozing, Leveling & Grading
  • Stump Removal
  • Clearing for Pasture
  • Viewscape Clearing
  • Site Development
  • Storm Debris Clean-up
Stump removal and brush clearing


When you need every tree, all brush, and all vegetation removed from a plot of land, whether newly purchased land or overgrown sections of your existing acres, you need a professional. Clear-cutting is the process of cutting all of the trees in a particular area. The most common reason is to create a view, or clear for a future field.

Clearing land is hard work, and typically involves lots of large heavy equipment. It's important to choose a company with the right equipment and the experience in using it.

clear cutting trees, brush, and vegetation

Lot Clearing

Lot clearing is usually the first step in any construction project, but before construction can begin, the land needs to be cleared and graded.

Whatever is the reason for lot clearing with help of the right equipment, Johnson Logging will do a great job and leave you with a piece of land that’s ready for your next project.

lot clearing for site development